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Serving Pie To Denton County

Let's Eat Some Pie

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About Pie By Kate

My name is Kate Alfred and I am a born and raised North Texan. I have always loved to bake and was taught by my family. The pies y'all get to enjoy are made using my Grandma Ruth Amberson's pie crust recipe that my dad used growing up. My desire with Pie by Kate is to give people something that brings back a happy memory or builds new ones. I believe in making good pie, that brings people together. Though I do most of the baking, this really is a family affair. I couldn't do it without the help and support of my husband, parents, sisters, and the whole lot! Though I don't have a store front, I am a business that provides pies for holidays, special occasions, and your everyday pie cravings. I understand the importance of needing pie so at this time, I will deliver right to your door! 

About Kate's Pies 

As I said in the above column, Y'all get to enjoy the crust recipe my Grandma Ruth used! The main difference is that Grandma used Fluffo instead of Crisco. I find that using Crisco and sugar in my pies is part of what keeps them good and simple. Grandma knew what she was doing. That' good enough for me! I use fresh fruit when I can get it and the other times use flash frozen fruit which keeps it as close to fresh as can be. I use organic fruits when I can find them and keep my sugar barrel stocked with organic cane sugar! If gluten or sugar isn't your thing, have no fear! My pies are also available in gluten free options using Bob's Red Mill GF Flour and sugar free using Monkfruit. I think you'll enjoy these alternatives and find them to hit the spot!

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Where Can You Find Pie By Kate?

I am currently taking orders via phone, email, and text for pickup or delivery! You can find Pie By Kate out at Robson Ranch's farmers market each Friday {weather permitting} from 8:00-11:00! My husband and I are expecting our first child in the Spring of 2024! My baking availability will be subject to change as we adjust to welcoming our new family member, but I'll be sure to update as I am slowing down, and then baking more down the road! 


Pie By Kate's Flavors

Fresh Baked Fruit Pies

Apple Pie ~Granny Smith apples make the perfect baking fruit as they're tart and hard to allow for real tasty slices after the baking process.

Dutch Caramel Apple~ Homeade caramel meets Granny Smith apple tartness to create the classic combo that screams fall! Streusel topping and a caramel drizzle finish off this pie. 


Blackberry Pie~ 

Blackberry pie is hard to beat with the perfect balance of tangy and sweet! Get this with fresh berries in season or can also be made with flash frozen berries year round if you just can't wait! 


Blueberry Pie ~It's hard to beat a good ol' bite of blueberry pie. We pack these shells to the brim with delectable berries for your enjoyment!

Cherry Pie ~We use canned red tart cherries, three cans that is, in every cherry pie we put out. With or without some vanilla ice cream, there's no doubt that Grandma knew what she was up to.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ~A favorite of many who try it, rhubarb and strawberries pair nicely to create a sweet tart flavor unique to the pie world.

Rhubarb Pie ~Many who grew up north of Texas have had the experience of taking rhubarb from their yard, dipping it in sugar, and chowing down for a snack! Bring back that memory with rhubarb pie or create a new one with this unique tart flavor!

Pecan Pie~

Perfectly sweet and nutty! Pecan pie is a special one to me because it reminds me of my late Grammy who would shell buckets and buckets of pecans from the trees in her yard every year! 


Chocolate Pecan Pie~

Rich and Chocolatey! Think brownie meets fudge and you've got this pie! 


Bourbon Pecan Pie~

The bourbon adds excellent flavor, and you won't be sad with this winning combo! 


Spiced Pear Pie~

Spiced Pear is a tasty and unique flavor as it is seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, and mace. It sure tastes like the holidays.



Mincemeat Pie ~Many are unfamiliar with mincemeat pie although it has been around for many years. Dried fruits and cider make for a pie that tastes like Christmas! Some could even say it's the fruitcake of pie!

Fresh Baked Cream Pies

Key Lime Pie~

Graham cracker crust and a simple recipe makes this into a family favorite! Let's just say this one doesn't last long at our house... 

Lemon Meringue Pie~ 

Can you really beat the burst of flavor that comes with lemon? I use cage free eggs which help promote the beautiful yellow you'll see in this filling. A citrus lovers go to! 


Lemon Chess Pie~ 

Lemon Chess pie is a perfectly tangy flavor with an eggy custard texture!


Banana Cream Pie ~An old fashion classic. I love this pie so much! Made with fresh bananas and homeade custard. Oh, don't forget the whipped cream topping! 

Coconut Cream Pie ~This is from my grandmas recipe but I've tweaked it a bit to make it my own. You will get a blast of coconut creamy goodness in every bite and probably wish you ordered two. 

Chocolate Cream Pie ~A creamy dreamy wonderland of rich chocolatey goodness! Need I say more? 

Buttermilk Pie~ This custard favorite is a simple and delicious addition to any dessert menu! It's my husbands favorite because of its buttery vanilla flavor.


Pumpkin Pie~ 

A seasonal classic! Pumpkin is a must around the holidays! But let's be honest, pumpkin pie year round wouldn't be so bad either... 


Sugar Cream Pie~ 

This pie is a heavy cream base made into a vanilla custard and topped with a dusting of cinnamon sugar with just a hint of nutmeg. 


Available Sizes

~9" Whole Pies (Prices Listed Above) Serves 8

~5" Mini Pies ($12.00 Each for Fruit Pies, $11.00 for Cream Pies, & $13.00 for Pecan Pies) Serves 3-4

~Pie Bites (Which are the Size of a Mini Muffin) by the Dozen. ($10.00) Suggested Serving 2-3 Per Person 

~3" Pies Available in a Dozen ($30.00) Serves 12 or Half Dozen ($15.00) Serves 6 *up to 2 flavors per dozen*


~Pie Slices Available in Multiples of 8 (1 flavor per 8 for $24.00) Serves 8


Gluten Free? YES!

Fruit pies are available gluten free upon request. Pie By Kate uses Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour.

Add $5 for whole pies, $3 for mini pies, $2 per dozen.

Sugar Free? YES!

Fruit pies are available sugar free upon request. Pie By Kate uses Monk Fruit as a sugar alternative

Add $5 for whole pies, $3 for mini pies, $2 per dozen.

We Deliver

$5 delivery fee in Denton County. Subject to Availability. Contact Kate for More Info.

Pick up Options Available as Well!

To Order:


Call/Text 940.206.5813

I would love to hear from you! You can place your order through email or phone with at least 48 hours notice for delivery. I currently accept cash, card, check, Venmo, Zelle,. Checks can be made out to Pie By Kate.

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